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A hand-made, full-size desk that folds away when you're done for the day.


Made of steel, oak veneer, and Valchromat® panels.









Compact When Closed

Only a slim 37cm deep.

Full-sized When Open

Takes a 27" iMac, or PC with tower (which hides in the cupboards below).

Desk 1.jpg

High-quality Materials

If you spend 8 hours a day at your desk, shouldn't you enjoy the best?

A Plant Pot

Well, why not? It's removable to make it easier to water.

Seb-048 elongated.jpg

Lockable Legs

Metal pins lock into the folding desktop, securing the legs against accidental kicks.

Lockdown Desk Dimensions.jpg




Valchromat SK Photo.jpg

Range of colours and wood veneers

200913 Vent Holes.png

Ventilation slots for a computer tower

200913 Routed Handles.png

Routed handles

200913 Lock.png

Lockable latch




I'm Seb, an architect working and living in London. Space is limited where I live, and I'd rather not have the place dominated by my workspace. Enjoying my home is even more important when stuck indoors during lockdown.


I couldn't find a compact desk online which looked good, was big enough for a full-size computer, and didn't take up loads of space. So, I designed one for myself. The photos on this site are of that working prototype, which I'm sitting at now, typing this out! 


When I'm done with work, I close up the desk and can relax without glimpsing home office clutter from the corner of my eye.

After some really positive feedback, I am refining the design for manufacture. If you want your own Lockdown Desk, you can reserve one here.


ReservE NOW

Refundable, no-commitment reservation deposit*. Reserving ensures you'll be one of the first to get The Lockdown Desk when small-batch production commences - we are aiming for late 2021.

What happens next?

1. We'll finalise the design and options ready for fabrication, targeted for late 2021.

2. We'll then write to you to confirm which size and options you want, and the price of the desk**. 

3. If you're happy with everything, we take payment, start fabrication, and confirm a delivery date.

*If you request a refund of a pre-order we will refund you the full amount, minus any PayPal handling fee, within 14 days.

**The images shown here are of a prototype we built to show how our idea works. The final product will have additional features and may vary in cost and appearance (hopefully you'll like it even more!)

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